Monday, January 7, 2019

Episode 05: Game Boy a-Go-Go

Have you ever celebrated a new year by traveling back in time? Well, now's your chance! Join a congested KeyGlyph as she uses an issue of Nintendo Power to rewind to 2000 and unearth a handful Game Boy Color tracks straight from the Y2K era. A few excellent jams turn up in some very unexpected places, so strap on your complementary surgical mask, wash your hands, and give that roulette its inaugural 2019 spin!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Little Mermaid 2: Pinball Frenzy Unknown Theme B Mark Chosak GBC
Microsoft Puzzle Collection Entertainment Pack Flinty Flush Unknown GBC
Q*bert Coily [Stage 2] Jake Kaufman GBC
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure San Francisco Unknown GBC
CyberTiger Track 07 H. Kingsley Thurber, Carson Dalton GBC
Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day Map Screen Tommy Tallarico GBC
Barbie: Fashion Pack Games Jewelry Bag Unknown GBC

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