Friday, September 7, 2018

Episode 01: Begin!

Welcome listeners, and step right up to the Sound Test Roulette! It's opening night here at the casino, and what could be more appropriate than starting off with seven VGM tunes that have the word "begin" in their titles? Join your host Emily (AKA KeyGlyph) as she explains the rules and curates the best of the randomized best (at least in her opinion) for this AMAZINLY exciting inaugural episode.

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Super Family Gerende Gerende (Beginner) Kouji Nakagawa SFC
Heavy Nova Your Examination is About to Begin Studio River Kids, T. Ijima, Shaka GEN
Metal Slader Glory Combat Begins (Metal Slader Glory) Seiichi Kyoda, Yasuyuki Ebashi (arr.), Live Planning (arr.) FC
King Colossus Beginning in the End
(Map Screen)
Kenichiro Isoda MD
Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr. Beginning Area Takahito Abe, Yuzo Koshiro FC
Lord Monarch Beginning of a Stage Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. SFC
Gradius Beginning of the History Miki Higashino, Yoshiaki Hatano, H. Muraoka (arr.) PCE

SPECIAL THANKS to Ben Dishman of The Diad Presents, Ed Wilson of The VGMbassy, and PartridgeSenpai of Racketboy forums for their contributions to this episode!