Sunday, July 7, 2019

Episode 09: Casino Chatter

Hey folks. We're cutting straight to the Casino Chatter this week, because KeyGlyph needs to catch up with you all and connect about the future of this establishment. The short story is that the casino proper will be closing up shop this month, which means no further episodes are scheduled to be published here. That said, KeyGlyph anticipates popping up elsewhere in the podcastverse from time to time, spreading the joy of randomized tunes as she goes. She also greatly encourages any of you who dig the randomized format to go ahead and use it in your own projects, apologizes for dropping this news so suddenly, and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for listening to Sound Test Roulette.

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Special Thanks to all of you who joined me on this little sidequest. <3

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Episode 08: Unused 8-bit & 16-bit Tracks

Apologies to anyone who showed up to the casino last month and couldn't get in, but the doors are open again and tonight we're spinning up unknown tracks from 8-bit and 16-bit games. These were tunes left out of gameplay and initially inaccessible by regular means until our contemporary technology and enterprising nerds began unearthing them for all to hear. Will the roulette find some hidden gems among these hidden gems? Come on in and let's do this!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu Unused: Unknown Song 1 Mieko Ishikawa, Masaaki Kawai MD
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Unused (Sound Test 04) Aki Hata MD
Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban Unused 2 Izumi Hara, Hiroshi Tsukamoto, Jun Enoki SFC
Shinobi Unused Mission Theme 2 Kiyoshi Yokoyama (arr.), Yasuhiro Kawakami NES
Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble Unused Theme Rob Hubbard NES
Platoon Intermission (Unused) Jonathan Dunn, Naoki Kodaka NES
Dragon Egg! Unused 2 D. Takahashi, M. Masimoto PCE

Special Thanks to PartridgeSenpai of Racketboy forums for translation assistance!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Episode 07: Extra Winnings: Begin

The casino is in the middle of a cross-country relocation, so this month's episode is going to be something a little different: a music-only compilation of seven more randomized tracks from a previous episode's theme. Ready to take home some "extra winnings" from a bygone wheel spin? Let's begin!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Gley Lancer Story Begin Masanori Hikichi, Noriyuki Iwadare, Yoshiaki Kubotera, Isao Mizoguchi MD
Marble Madness Beginner Hal Canon, Brad Fuller, David Wise (arr.) NES
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Beginning of the Adventure Noboru Yamane SFC
The 7th Saga Beginning of a Tale Norihiko Yamanuki SNES/SFC
Hoshi wo Miru Hito The Beginning of the Journey (Field 1) Unknown FC
Final Fight 3 A New Beginning Katsunari Kitajima SNES/SFC
Romancing SaGa 2 The Legend Begins Kenji Ito SFC

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Episode 06: N64 Roulette

This month KeyGlyph takes all 1896 MIDI files in the Nintendo 64 section of the Video Game Music Archive, randomizes seven, and plays the original chiptune of each one. Since every MIDI on was lovingly transposed and created by a fan, this selection pool is more likely to reflect the more popular and cherished musical pieces that graced the system. If you loved the N64, you're probably gonna like how this roulette rolls!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Mario Party Bowser's Theme Yasunori Mitsuda N64
Banjo-Tooie Game Select Grant Kirkhope N64
Super Mario 64 Powerful Mario Koji Kondo N64
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Lon Lon Ranch Koji Kondo N64
Mario Kart 64 Frappe Snowland Kenta Nagata N64
Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon Hot-Blooded Man B Shigeru Araki, Kato Yusuke, Saiko Miki, Yasumasa Kitagawa N64
Bust-a-Move '99 Arcade Stage
Music 1
Yukiharu Urita (Zuntata) N64

Special thanks to Landon Podbielski for his wonderful MIDI player, MIDIWORLD!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Episode 05: Game Boy a-Go-Go

Have you ever celebrated a new year by traveling back in time? Well, now's your chance! Join a congested KeyGlyph as she uses an issue of Nintendo Power to rewind to 2000 and unearth a handful Game Boy Color tracks straight from the Y2K era. A few excellent jams turn up in some very unexpected places, so strap on your complementary surgical mask, wash your hands, and give that roulette its inaugural 2019 spin!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Little Mermaid 2: Pinball Frenzy Unknown Theme B Mark Chosak GBC
Microsoft Puzzle Collection Entertainment Pack Flinty Flush Unknown GBC
Q*bert Coily [Stage 2] Jake Kaufman GBC
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure San Francisco Unknown GBC
CyberTiger Track 07 H. Kingsley Thurber, Carson Dalton GBC
Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day Map Screen Tommy Tallarico GBC
Barbie: Fashion Pack Games Jewelry Bag Unknown GBC

Friday, December 7, 2018

Episode 04: Guest Curator: Mom!

What happens when you give Emily's mom three dozen video game tunes and ask her to pick seven favorites? An amazing setlist for Sound Test Roulette, that's what! This new collaborative format will get us thinking about patterns, parenting, and the console war allegiances that never had a chance to surface... until now! With a few extra cameos folded into the mix, this is a nostalgic treat you won't want to miss. So stay tuned for... dot, dot, dot...!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Mega Man 2 Metal Man Takashi Tateishi, Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi NES/FC
Disney's DuckTales The Moon Hiroshige Tonomura NES/FC
Final Fantasy VI Kids Run Through The City Corner Nobuo Uematsu SNES/SFC
Donkey Kong Country Aquatic Ambience David Wise, Eveline Fischer, Robin Beanland SNES/SFC
Tetris Attack Water Stage Masaya Kuzume SNES
Final Fantasy VI Relm Nobuo Uematsu SNES/SFC
Secret of Mana Kind Memories Hiroki Kikuta SNES/SFC

SPECIAL THANKS to Spritz, Rob Nichols and Pernell of Rhythm and Pixels, PartridgeSenpai of Racketboy forums, and my mom for their contributions to this episode!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Episode 03: Game Gear Fast Takes!

Guess what KeyGlyph found in the back room buried under a bunch of poker chips? Some old issues of Sega Visions magazine! This '90s periodical was packed with product reviews and reporting on Sega's then-latest releases, and this month we're turning to a Game Gear section from 1994 to fuel the roulette. Will these randomized handheld tracks be like pistachios for your mind, or will you rate them only one or two Sonics? Join in and see!

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Roulette Results:
Game Track Title Composer(s) System
Last Action Hero Title Shahid Ahmad GG
James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod Track 04 Richard Joseph GG
Tesserae Title Unknown GG
James Bond 007: The Duel Track 04 Andrew Taylor GG
Gear Works BGM 02 Peter Hennig GG
Off the Wall (prototype) Rookie Wave 1 Unknown GG
Cliffhanger Unused Song 1 Trevor Jones, David Lowe (arr.) GG